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Compliance Packaing - In House Pharmacy

Automatic delivery of personalized, easily dispensible packets in 7-day dosage increments makes for less time spent preparing and passing medications AND means less waste. This process equates to a med pass time reduction of
35-50%, and waste reduction at a cost savings of 10-15%.

The medications are rolled into patient specific strips by the pharmacy. There is no additional effort required for the nursing staff to separate the strips. They need only place them in the medication cart.

NuScriptRXTM utilizes cutting-edge technology to electronically verify the contents of every medication in the strip. The electronic system verifies 12 different physical characteristics of each medication. A pharmacist completes the verification by visually inspecting any discrepancy. An image of every medication scan is maintained for future reference.

Each strip of medication is arranged by med-pass date and time. Instead of pulling multiple cards from the medication cart, the nursing staff simply needs to pull the required doses from the strip of medication. The medications can be easily opened through the perforated opening. Medications requiring crushing can be crushed in the individual medication pouch prior to opening.

Each medication is coded with two barcodes. The first barcode identifies the proper patient. The second barcode identifies the proper drug. The system makes sure the right patient gets the right drug. These barcodes are also usable by most eMARs or electronic medical records.