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eMedStat - In House Pharmacy

eMedStat is your in-house pharmacy with access to over 350 medications including oral solids, unit of use, IV’s, and controlled substances.

The easy-to-use interface guides the nurse through patient specific medication dispensing. At dispense time, the system passes a billing transaction via the interface to the pharmacy management system. This ensures that patients are properly billed for each dispensed medication. The real-time interface also adjusts inventory in real time and alerts the pharmacy of low stock.

Each unit is configured with a bi-directional audio/video system that can be used to contact a NuScriptRXTM pharmacy technician or pharmacist.

Safety and quality starts at the NuScriptRXTM pharmacy. Each medication is packaged and verified by a certified pharmacy technician and a licensed pharmacist prior to placement into an eMedStat system. Once in the system, the easy-to-use interface walks the nursing staff through dispensing a patient specific medication. A final barcode scan at dispense ensures the nursing staff has selected the correct medication.

NuScriptRXTM fully manages the system which includes restocking, routine inventories, returning of medications, and user access setup. Each unit is supported remotely 24/7 by NuScriptRXTM. If the system requires a hardware repair or replacement, the NuScriptRXTM nationwide support team will provide onsite assistance.

Comprehensive security is provided using multi-factor authentication for nursing staff, access audit logging, encrypted dispensing laptop, screen locking timeout, and encrypted communication. Controlled substances are double locked and audited by nursing staff and the pharmacy on a routine basis. Each unit can continue to dispense in the event of a power failure because of an internal battery backup. In the event of a complete loss of power, a manual key override process can be implemented by the Director of Nursing or Administrator.