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PharmCom - Pharmacy and Patient Portal

A real-time pharmacy and patient portal that allows nursing staff to view patient medical records, process orders, interact with the pharmacy, and access reports. PharmCom is accessible from any computer and is able to interface with many clients’ eMARs and EMR/EHRs. PharmCom’s ease of use and real-time patient messaging system reduces the time needed by the nursing staff to follow-up on orders with the pharmacy.

PharmCom is the one-stop for access to medical records, treatment records, reports, new admission processing, drug quoting, medication reordering, and ancillary order entry. MARs and TARs are available online without the delay of waiting for the pharmacy to print and ship. Changes to orders and medical records are updated in real-time.

PharmCom has a robust messaging system that was designed to provide the most relevant information to the nursing staff. Real-time messages are displayed to show the current status of STATs and other critical orders. Patient medication status messages are integrated with eMedStat system to notify the nursing staff of medication availability. The secure messaging system can also be used to ask the pharmacy questions or pass critical information in a simple format.

The online prior authorization provides complete management of prior authorizations. Automatic email alerts are utilized to notify the Administrator and Director of Nursing of a new prior authorization request. All forms are provided online and automatically filled in with patient specific information. Through one easy click, all prior authorizations can be printed for a physician or facility. Each prior authorization is updated automatically with most current status and tracked by the NuScriptRXTM prior authorization team until resolved.

PharmCom offers over 100 common reports that include Pharmacy, clinical, and management reports. These reports are easily customizable to meet any state survey requirements.

PharmCom shows received faxes online giving the nursing staff peace of mind that the pharmacy has the order. Other key documents are maintained on PharmCom for fast retrieval including Consulting Pharmacists Reports and iMMR's.