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What We Do: Long Term Care Pharmacy

Cycle Delivery

NuScriptRXTM automatically delivers a 7 day cycle of resident and med-pass time specific medications. This cycle system reduces the requirement of reordering oral solid medications.

Time Reduction

Our process equates to a med pass time reduction of 35-50% and waste reduction at a cost savings of 10-15% as proven by customers already empowered by NuScriptRXTM

Quality Control

NuScriptRXTM utilizes cutting edge technology to electronically insure every medication is correct. The electronic system verifies 12 different physical characteristics of each medication. A pharmacist completes the electronic verification. An image of every medication scan in maintained for future reference.

Let the power of NuScriptRXTM empower your business.

NuScriptRXTM is a National long term care pharmacy featuring propriety technology supporting on-site automation with immediate access to over 350 medications and a 7-Day medication dispensing cycle of oral solids which dramatically reduces medication waste and lowers drug spend. The innovative technology also reduces med-pass time while improving patient safety and overall medication access and compliance.

Let the power of NuScriptRXTM empower your business.

NuScriptRXTM offers an efficient, affordable and less wasteful solution of delivering medications to long-term care facilities that empowers your business to improve quality, ensure compliance, improve resident outcomes, and manage PPDs. Our 7 day cycle system, unique packaging, on-site dispensing system, and web-based management platform improves work-flows and provide more time for resident care. NuScriptRXTM will assist in reducing costs while improving efficacy.

The NuScriptRXTM Difference

  • On-site dispensing solution with over 350 medications
  • Customer Service Representative routinely scheduled visits
  • 7-day cycle fill for all oral solid medications
  • Innovative packaging designed to reduce waste
  • Online pharmacy management and tracking system
  • 10-15% savings through formulary management
  • 35-50% reduction in medication administration
  • Reduced cost per patient day